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More Pictures of Kristen on set in Nashville (18/02/2014) + on the plane from Atlanta to Nashville (17/02/2014)

  • Tonight I met #KristenStewart and she was super cool and super sweet! #Sage+TheSaints”
  • Day 261 (part II): stumbled into being part of a random music video shoot, directed by Kristin Stewart. Nashville is a weird place.
  • She was hard at work & the entire gang was there. <3 her.”
  • "Went well! She was really into it. You could tell she was passionate about it. She was always behind the camera."
  • "When they wanted to get her attention, they called her Kristen Jaymes and sometimes just Jaymes. <3"

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"As long as I feel solid about my creative choices, people can have whatever image or perception of me that they’d like. You can’t think that someone’s impression of you is wrong — it’s  their impression — and, therefore, you really can’t worry about it. So many people have developed their impressions based on fucking bullshit, and you’ll never do anything true to yourself, you’ll never make the art you want to make, if you’re concerned about that. At the same time, I’m 23 year-old. I like clothes, but that’s not because I’m like ‘Oh my God! I need to stay relevant!’ [Laughs]”

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photo’s of Robert Patinson and Kristen Stewart during the 2012 Paris Fashion Week <3 

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Rob on the set of “LIFE”

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Robert Pattinson on the set of “Life”

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I like being imperfect.

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